Wan Marican
Hamzah & Shaik
(Est. 1979.)

Some of our areas of practice.

Succession/trust law
Succession, probate, inheritance, trusts, mirath, faraid

We advise, litigate and/or provide documentation in matters that concern the succession and/or inheritance laws of Muslims and non-Muslims. This extends to wills, trusts, probate, letters of administration, mirath (Islamic laws of inheritance), faraid (Islamic estate distribution), wasiat (Islamic wills), waqf (Islamic charitable trusts) and hibah (gifts inter vivos for Muslims). In Islamic matters, we work closely with Syarie lawyers.

Civil Law/Syariah conflicts
Conflict of laws, constitutional law

Malaysia applies both civil law and Syariah law. This sometimes causes conflict as to which law should apply.

Civil law/Syariah conflicts used to be confined to family, succession and trust law; they now extend to corporate matters, and even criminal law. Resolution often requires constitutional interpretation. We advise and litigate in such scenarios.

Civil / Commercial law
Civil disputes, contracts, construction law, land, property disputes

We advise and litigate, or act as of counsel, for civil, corporate and estate disputes. These often involve professionals (such as architects, engineers and surveyors). Some disputes require alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation; we also advise on or conduct them.

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